Catering for Large Groups With the Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo

It’s a challenging job to cater for large groups of people at weddings, parties or corporate functions. There is little time to do a lot of food preparation and cooking. Plus delivery of the food to the guests needs to be fast and all within the same time frame. Therefore, every caterer needs as much help with the food preparation as possible.

The Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo is a wonderful piece of catering equipment for hardworking caterers. It takes the processing tasks out of your hands and is like your right hand chef. The Robot Coupe Model R502 Ultra is able to cut and slice vegetables for up to 300 servings. Catering for groups of 100 and 200 will be a breeze, not to mention 300 people. With this catering equipment you could add the potatoes and set the machine to cut it for you. You could do the same with carrots next. It would also be possible to slice vegetables such as cucumbers in a short space of time. We all know how time consuming cutting and slicing vegetables can be. By adding the vegetables to the Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo you can take the hard work out of your hands and trust the machine to do it for you.

The Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo has a power output of 1000 Watts and 400 Volts. It operates at a speed of 750 and 1500 RPM along with a pulse function. It is manufactured with a smooth blade vegetable slicer and a 5.5 litre stainless steel bowl with handle. The vegetable slicer, that has an ejection function, is equipped with two hoppers. The large hopper is 139 centimetres squared and the cylindrical hopper has a diameter of 58 millimetres. There are optional cutting discs that you can choose from depending on your requirements.

Caterers generally spend a lot time travelling to venues with some of their catering equipment. It’s good to know that the Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo is small enough to travel with. It measures 665 x 380 x 350 millimetres in size so it can easily fit in a van and is easy to carry.

The Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo is a great piece of catering equipment for a busy caterer that caters to large group functions on a regular basis. While you focus on creating those delicious recipes the machine can cut and slice the vegetables for you, thus saving you time and relieving you of the pressure of time.

How Your Restaurant Can Stay Ahead of the Game

The restaurant industry is a very competitive one. There are franchises and take away restaurants everywhere, and around every corner. If you have a restaurant that is not part of a chain it can be quite challenging to stay ahead. One way to stay ahead is to have a niche, something that is different from the others and that will draw customers in.

This is how your restaurant can stay ahead of the game.

Have a unique set of dishes on your menu. Make dishes that no one else makes. There is a particular restaurant in my area that offers Mediterranean dishes with a high flavour twist and in large portions. The meals are delicious and people return to try all the other dishes.

Add a value service. This could be anything that you offer for free. This could be a free cup of coffee with a breakfast meal or unlimited refills of cool drink when the customer orders a particular lunch meal. You could run a buy one get one free promotion that encourages people to come in groups. By enticing them with an offer you will notice that they will also order other items from your menu, thus increasing your sales.

Be child-friendly with a playground. Most people have families, mostly with small children. Add a safe playground area with a supervised nanny who can watch the children while mommy and daddy enjoy their meal. A playground could make the difference between a family choosing your restaurant or another one nearby.

Offer a reward scheme. Encourage customers to sign up to a loyalty scheme with your restaurant where they receive a free meal on their birthday or a discount on their tenth meal.

Update your restaurant. Decide on an interesting theme for your restaurant that people will enjoy escaping to. There’s a restaurant that has a 70’s diner crossed with modern decor theme. It creates a comfortable setting that is fun and light hearted. Customers return to enjoy the ambience.

Invest in quality commercial catering equipment. If you have the best catering equipment to slice, dice and prepare your food, customers will notice. The right catering equipment will ensure that you have consistency with every meal because you will be able to control the timing and portion size for each prepared meal.

In such a competitive industry it is essential that you stay ahead by taking a long hard look at your restaurant and making the necessary changes to attract more customers and ultimately stay in business.

Hiring Restaurant Cleaning Services

In the past, hiring restaurant cleaning services was once deemed only for the elite but in many restaurants it is now the norm. They work with the management of the restaurant to design a customized cleaning schedule. When working for restaurant cleaning services you will help to keep it clean for the staff, customers, and work in any area assigned to you to clean. This goes from the back to the front of the restaurants. This job has its limitations and advantages, for the restaurant that hires a cleaning service, which can include:

• Limitations-the availability of the services, the extra cost, and potential complacency of the staff
• Advantages-the service will typically work off hours, will clean as much, as little, as often as the restaurant needs, and will help to take some of the burden of cleaning off their staff.

What the restaurant needs to consider

• Their budget-this is the first thing to consider and by looking at the restaurant’s profit and loss reports can give you some insight on the financial aspect of the restaurant. If the budget does not allow for daily restaurant cleaning services, you can still hire them for the less frequent and heavier cleaning.
• Frequency and level of service-after your budget you need to consider the level and frequency of restaurant cleaning services your restaurant will need. It could be daily light cleaning like cleaning windows and doors inside and out or maybe deep cleaning once a month such as stripping and waxing of the floors or shampooing your carpet.
• The areas you want cleaned-when talking to restaurant cleaning services they want to know just what areas you need cleaned, such as the bathrooms cleaned, the dining room, etc.

Before you hire restaurant cleaning services, you should interview more than one company. You want to make sure that the company you hire will make a c\good impression on your customers and employees with their poor job is done your customers will notice and it could affect the amount of business that your restaurant will receive. Poor cleaning that is noticeable can affect your profit so make sure that you check their references and give performance evaluations of their services periodically.

Some questions that you should ask during the interview should include:

• How long has the company been providing services?
• Do they have any clients you can contact for testimonies?
• Who will be doing the cleaning? Will it be the same person(s) each time or does the staff rotate restaurants that they clean?
• What type of experience does their staff have in cleaning restaurants and what areas does your staff have specialized experience in?
• Does the company have liability insurance?

How a Restaurant Can Benefit From Using the Anvil Waffle Baker

Who doesn’t enjoy a good dessert especially a waffle with wonderfully sweet toppings? I’m sure you, just like your customers, have your favourite topping choices, perhaps its ice cream with chocolate sauce or banana with caramel sauce. With this in mind, how can your restaurant benefit from using the Anvil Waffle Baker?

Firstly, it has the strength of the well-known brand behind it. Anvil is known for manufacturing durable catering equipment for the food and restaurant industry. The products are designed with the chef in mind and how to make cooking or baking tasks easier and more efficient. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Anvil Waffle Baker has been designed with all of these traits in mind and it will make waffle baking much easier and quicker.

The Anvil Waffle Baker has two plates which allow you to bake twice as many waffles than if you do it manually. You can load both plates with the batter and bake them simultaneously or one at a time. The plates are 185 millimetres in diameter so you can make relatively large waffles. Due to the plates being a specific size, each waffle you bake every day will be exactly the same size so your customers will know exactly what to expect every time they visit your restaurant.

This unit is relatively light-weight so you could lift and move it around easily. It measures 510 x 465 x 260 millimetres which makes it easy to move. For stability it has four small legs that have a rubber grip so you can be assured that it won’t move while it’s baking. It is also small enough to place on a counter top and will take up little space in the kitchen.

This catering equipment is more powerful than you’d think therefore it is reliable enough to bake a lot of waffles on a regular basis. It has a power output of 1.6 kilowatts and 230 volts therefore it can handle baking one or two waffles at a time. Plus it can do so relatively quickly.

The Anvil Waffle Baker will benefit any restaurant that wants a reliable, powerful, and consistent catering equipment. It will give your restaurant the credibility it deserves. It will also give it a boost by creating a demand. Go ahead and prepare your menu with a variety of specialty waffles to ensure customers come back for more.

Key Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Restaurant’s Food And Beverage Distributor

When setting up your own restaurant business, there is more to the whole process than simply choosing the dishes that will go into the menu, the décor and set-up of the establishment, and hiring your staff. To make sure that your business is a success, everything should be at its best, especially the food you will serve.

Choosing the right food and beverage distributor can have a great impact on everything that you serve in your restaurant. As such, it is important that you choose the best provider of this service.

You can make sure you will choose the best food and beverage distributor to work with by considering the important factors below during your selection process:

Prices and payment terms and conditions. A good way to begin your search is to get price lists from all possible distributors. You can also request for a sample contract so that you can compare their proposed terms and conditions in addition to the prices. Once you have these documents, make sure you also have your price list of items you will need regularly and calculate how much each product costs from each supplier individually. According to business experts, never accept the first offer from a distributor. Don’t be afraid to negotiate; ask what else they can offer at the price they gave you. Don’t forget to make a counter-offer as well. Also, if the prices a company gives you are suspiciously low, be wary. You can consider their offer by check the quality of the products they deliver and their delivery schedules as well.

Delivery schedule. Consider how often you need your supplies to be delivered to your restaurant. This schedule will usually depend on the food items you need for your menu. If you want to serve everything fresh, you will have to schedule deliveries every day. You will also need to specify what time you need the distributor to be at your establishment: will it be early morning or during closing time? Before agreeing on a contract, make sure the goods will be delivered at the agreed time and try to set it as one of the conditions for the supplier to strictly follow.

Maintenance of quality. Lastly, you may be getting a good price on the delivery of supplies and the service provider will stick to the schedule; however, will they be able to maintain the good quality of all your ordered goods? The last thing you want to happen is to pay a lot for the best ingredients and see this investment go to waste because the vegetables and fruits wilted or the meat rotted because the delivery truck isn’t equipped with the best cooling system or it malfunctioned along the way. It is important that you have a good idea of the delivery vehicles, equipment, and other pieces of technology the distributor has before signing up with them.

Catering Equipment to Keep Food Warm

We are entering a season where the chill in the air can be felt. For restaurants that means the cool air affects the customers who come to visit. The cool air has an influence on your restaurant in the obvious way by making the whole room colder and in a non-obvious way by cooling down the food dishes much quicker. Meals that are prepared lose their heat fairly quickly due to the cooler air so by the time it gets to your customer it would have lost some of the heat already. Therefore, it is time to consider catering equipment that is designed to keep foods warm.

Bain Marines are ideal for buffet set ups where guests are allowed to dish the food themselves. They are quite effective because they can keep food warm for a long period until it is dished. There’s nothing like a warm meal to keep the body warm.

Food Warming Cabinets are mobile units that can hold up to 22 trays. The twin circulating fans rotate the warm air throughout the cabinet and it is double insulated to keep food warm after it is turned off too.

Heated Display Cabinets are perfect for bakeries or cafés where you need to showcase pies or pastries to entice the customer. While on display the pies and pastries remain warm and ready to serve.

Hot Food Bars are similar to Heated Display Cabinets in that they display the contents in an enticing manner. The difference, though, is that Hot Food Bars contain trays that can be filled with cooked vegetables or meats which are ready to be served.

Plate Warmers ensure that cold plates are heated in order to keep the plated food warmer for longer. When the food is dished onto the plate, the heated plate will act as a warming base.

Cup Warmers are also an ideal way to keep drinks heated. When you pour coffee into a cold cup the coffee will cool down much quicker. A warm cup will keep the contents heated for longer while you enjoy the drink.

Urns are ideal for caterers who require boiling water constantly at hand for the serving of tea or coffee. The water is boiled at regular intervals to retain a consistent temperature.

In the cooler months, it is worth considering catering equipment that will keep food warm. This will keep your customers toasty and happy.

How Restaurants Can Win the Battle Against Germs

For restaurants it is the difference between being a profitable business or out of business when it comes to good hygiene. Customers expect the place where they are eating to be spotlessly clean all the time. Dirty tables and dusty floors are unacceptable in the hospitality industry. How can a restaurant win the battle against germs?

  • Clean the stoves and grills at the end of each day. Cooked grime that builds up on stove tops can be a breeding ground for germs because it’s warm and moist. Scrub the stove tops with a scrub brush and the grill with a heavy duty grill brush. Don’t forget to clean the oven as well.
  • Sweep the floors and mop them every day. More than once if there is a mess. Keeping the floors clean will not only keep the germs at bay but it will also give the restaurant a neat appearance. Customers will notice this and feel welcome.
  • Wipe all surfaces clean. Add a mixture of cleaning liquid in a trigger bottle and spray it on the surfaces. Wipe it clean with a cloth. Ensure that the cloth itself has also been washed with a detergent that removes dirt such as bleach.
  • Clean the dishes throughout the day. In other words, as soon as it comes back to the kitchen add them to the dishwasher. As soon as the dishwasher is full of dishes, turn it on and let it wash. Once that load is done, you can remove the clean dishes and start filling it up again.
  • Protect your restaurant customers from your staff. People are known carriers of germs. They tend to pass it on to the next person. Invest in chef wear that prevents your staff from coming in direct contact with the food. Disposable gloves, aprons, and chef hats are ideal for this purpose.
  • Invest in stainless steel catering equipment. Stainless steel makes it very difficult for germs to breed because it is an inhospitable environment for them. In addition, stainless steel products are easy to clean and it is hygienic. Stainless steel catering equipment extends from serving platters and display ware to heating equipment and refrigeration.

It must be noted that it’s not entirely possible to get rid of all germs and, also, some germs are good for the immune system. However, a restaurant can do its utmost when it comes to the hygiene and eliminate the majority of the germs on its premises.

Catering Equipment To Make Fast Food Outlets More Efficient

The fast food industry is a competitive one and as a fast food outlet owner you need to stay ahead of the game. That is, you need to always provide a speedy service and good food at affordable prices. It is challenging but you can get ahead with the following catering equipment.

• Anvil Fryer

The Anvil Fryer is ideal for fast food outlets that serve a lot of French fries with their meals. The double pan version of this catering equipment is able to fry up to 8 kilograms of French fries per hour. It holds 5 litres of oil per pan so you could fry French fries in the one pan and another type of food in the other if you require. It is thermostatically controlled and has an automatic safety cut out when it reaches 209 degrees Celsius.

• Anvil Vertical Bun Toaster

If your establishment serves burgers with chips then a bun toaster will save you a lot of time. This unit has a twin feed system, variable heating control and a 6 position thickness setting. In addition, it is energy efficient and is supplied with a Teflon release sheet that fits over the plate element. The benefit with this unit is that you can automatically toast many buns while you prepare the burger ingredients.

• Griller

A griller is one of the most important catering equipment that a food outlet can have. There are a variety of options to choose from which include free standing to floor models. The floor model grillers are available in different sizes depending on your demand. The size options include 4 burners, 6 burners, 8 burners, 10 burners and 12 burners. The one you choose will also depend on the size of your establishment. The advantage of having a large griller is that you can grill multiple burgers or sausages at one time thus saving time.

• Summit Juice Dispenser

Serving drinks such as juice is very important for fast food outlets. The Summit Juice Dispenser allows you to make fresh juice, keep it chilled, and easy to pour. It automates your juicing requirements while your kitchen staff is able to concentrate on the other tasks.

• Beverage Cooler

While on the topic of drinks, people enjoy sodas too so you need to have chilled sodas at hand. Beverage coolers with glass sliding doors are convenient and space saving with food outlets. They are attractive because they are well lit and some of them also have advertising space on the unit.

If you want your fast food outlet to be more efficient, then investing in quality catering equipment is essential.

The Benefits of Anvil Sous Vide Circulators for Restaurants and Hotels

In this busy and fast paced world, chefs need to be able to keep up with the pace that restaurant and hotel customers demand. Fine restaurants and quality hotel kitchens need to exceed the expectations of their customers. The Anvil Sous Vide Circulators give you the advantage over competitors.

The Anvil Sous Vide Circulators are particularly suitable for precision cooking and it can reproduce dishes with the greatest consistency. This catering equipment can be clipped onto pots or onto 200 millimetre deep inserts via a versatile clamp. This allows you to clamp the unit onto the pot and leave it to heat and circulate while you’re tending to other tasks.

This catering equipment is used in water to heat and circulate the liquid. Therefore, the parts that are submerged are made from stainless steel which is durable and easy to clean. In commercial kitchen setting it is essential to use catering equipment that is convenient to clean in order to save time. The heating elements are also made from stainless steel. This ensures that it is not susceptible to rust and will function for a long time.

The Anvil Sous Vide Circulators are portable units that weigh only 1.9 kilograms. It is light and small measuring at 145 x 130 x 320 millimetres, yet it is able to produce 1500 Watts and 230 volts of power. Consequently they are quite reliable and durable which is ideal for the tough commercial kitchen environment.

It has a powerful circulation pump which has a removable filter in order to ensure a uniform temperature distribution while cooking. You can control the temperature electronically by means of a large digital display which shows the time as well as the set temperature and the current temperature. The electronic controller offers high accuracy in terms of heating and it is able to reach a maximum temperature of 99 degrees Celsius.

This catering equipment has also been manufactured with safety at the forefront. It has a built in float switch which activates as a safety cut out. Plus it features an over-temperature safety with a rest button function so that it does not overheat.

The Anvil Sous Vide Circulators are designed specifically for the commercial kitchens that offer designer dishes. It is ideal for the high-end restaurant or hotel that receives customers who expect the best of the best in terms of quality meals. Restaurants whose dishes focus on quality, flavour and presentation will benefit from this catering equipment due to the consistency it offers.

10 Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas for New Restaurants

Just like any other business, new restaurant owners try to come up with ideas on how to promote their business to the people around their area of operation. So you got a few things figured out like people are hungry at least once a day, they like to socialize, they like to hangout in nice places with their friends and loved ones, therefore they’ll definitely do that in a dining place sooner or later, right? There is truth in this analogy, in fact, you might even conduct feasibility studies to further support your assumptions before you open your restaurant. Well, not everything works as planned so you need to have a unique restaurant promotion ideas if you are to succeed.

Before you go about doing that though, first know a few rules about restaurant promotion. They are as follows:

  1. Know Your Customer Base – Don’t just launch your restaurant marketing plan without knowing and clearly understanding your customers. Find out what their age groups are, your location versus their drive. When people are hungry is your place easily accessible to them if they want to grab some meals? Do you offer an affordable menu? You have to consider these things in order for your marketing campaign to succeed.
  2. Look at Your Business Challenges – Sometimes business challenges does not come from the outside, but rather from within your organization and staff. There may be times when they are idle at work and they’re not doing it on purpose, but rather the situation creates such scenarios. You need to come up with a plan to avoid this from happening and you make use of their time in the most efficient way.
  3. Revenue or Press? – The aim of your unique restaurant promotion ideas should be to create more press than revenue. Why? Because the longterm benefits of more press coverage is that it will increase the chances of your business to make profits exponentially. Not to mention gain of ideal clients. So utilize all your resources including social media to get the word out about your new and flourishing business franchise.
  4. Know Your Margins – Make sure you’ve calculated the costs to create the food on your menu, so you can make bundled offers and discounts without breaking even or get lesser profits than the initial investment amount you have put in. You may have to hire a professional to help you do this.

Here are the 10 best unique restaurant promotion ideas:1) Leverage a Bigger Event

If your restaurant is somewhere in the city, then there’s a good chance that big events are held there all year round. This is a perfect opportunity to launch your unique restaurant promotion ideas and offer meal discounts if they’ll attend the concert or big movie event nearby. By doing so you may see an increase in influx of customers by 7% at least, but it could be more. Even if it doesn’t go up assuming your regular income is $10,000 per day, then you will have gotten a $700 extra for it! Or it could be $2,000 more, who knows? Like I said the opportunity for leveraging on a bigger event near you increases your chances to earn.

2) Charities & Celebrities

You can also invite a big name or a local celebrity and do a fundraiser for your local charity or fire station. Pick a celebrity whose fees are within your budget range and although you will donate the proceeds of the day’s income, it wouldn’t be so bad as you will fortify your restaurant business’ reputation and get more customers as a result. It’s a practical investment that’s worth every penny you’ve put in.

3) Holidays

Giving freebies and gifts on special occasions or holidays is also another way to market your restaurant business. Pick out a holiday or maybe a specific holiday declared by the town or city that you do business in like St. Patrick’s Day or Christmas or the city’s Foundation Day or something and offer discounts or giveaways to your patrons. You will definitely reel in more customers than usual and get a hefty profit out of it.

4) Loyalty Offerings

Offer a loyalty card to longtime customers and it will give them a reason to hang out in your restaurant. They might even bring with them their family and friends and encourage them to be loyal customers as well, so they could get loyalty cards also. This way you will make your customers your marketing agents and you won’t even have to pay them for their work.

5) Bundling and Fixed Price Offerings

This is one of the best unique restaurant promotion ideas as it allows you to pair up your best-sellers and least salable items in your inventory. You’ll be able to clear out most of the items that are not selling very well and at the same time your menu favorite gets the much attention that it needs. Make sure to give offers that does not go below the break-even margin or you’ll suffer profit loss.

6) Get Them in the Doors

There may be items in your menu that don’t sell well, because they need to be consumed by more than one customer. What you’ll need to do is once again offer it on discount for a certain number of people who are willing to include it in their order. This restaurant marketing plan is called, “get them in the doors” strategy, where people are persuaded to buy this particular food on the menu and purchase more items along the way.

7) Down Time

In some cases, your restaurant business will experience slow nights and your staff and other utilities are not utilized properly and you may have to use them in some other way that will benefit your business. What you can do is make an offer with a limited window of opportunity, let’s say, the promo will only be available between 5pm – 7pm each day. This will create a temporary surge of customers coming in and your staff will then be useful.

8) Community Events

Participating in community events will help your restaurant get press time to a lot of people and they’ll become your patrons too! It could be anyone, someone who’s house got burned down and is in need of extra cash besides their insurance coverage; a local football team that needs funding also; or it could be a youth organization looking to raise funds for their community project or something. Exposure is the key here and the more exposure your business gets, the better it is for you.

9) Buy in Bulk & Upsell

Ever went to a nice place and you find something really nice that you like to buy and purchase more of it? Well, this will be true for any business. Sooner or later someone somewhere will walk into your restaurant and find that your avocado shake is the best thing they’ve tried in the world! You can bet that they’ll come back for more, so what you’ll do is offer a discount for every 5 or 10 glasses that they’ll purchase. Not only will you gain a repeat customer, but also get sales volume on items like you’ve never had before.

10) Launches & Openings

And last but not least is new menu launches and new store branch openings. Giving huge discounts or an eat-all-you-can offer will definitely give your business the kick-start it needs. Like all the other strategies on this list, this too will bring in new customers and will most likely make them your loyal patrons. It’s important to first build a solid customer base before reaching out to more people.

Marlon has been a blogger since 2010 and he’s also a freelancer in Upwork and People Per Hour. He is currently developing his own website called, The Outdoors and Adventure Blog as well as completing his first fantasy novel which he will publish this year in Amazon. At the moment he’s into restaurant marketing and other interests and he’ll be writing on various niches and topics.