Catering for Large Groups With the Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo

It’s a challenging job to cater for large groups of people at weddings, parties or corporate functions. There is little time to do a lot of food preparation and cooking. Plus delivery of the food to the guests needs to be fast and all within the same time frame. Therefore, every caterer needs as much help with the food preparation as possible.

The Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo is a wonderful piece of catering equipment for hardworking caterers. It takes the processing tasks out of your hands and is like your right hand chef. The Robot Coupe Model R502 Ultra is able to cut and slice vegetables for up to 300 servings. Catering for groups of 100 and 200 will be a breeze, not to mention 300 people. With this catering equipment you could add the potatoes and set the machine to cut it for you. You could do the same with carrots next. It would also be possible to slice vegetables such as cucumbers in a short space of time. We all know how time consuming cutting and slicing vegetables can be. By adding the vegetables to the Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo you can take the hard work out of your hands and trust the machine to do it for you.

The Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo has a power output of 1000 Watts and 400 Volts. It operates at a speed of 750 and 1500 RPM along with a pulse function. It is manufactured with a smooth blade vegetable slicer and a 5.5 litre stainless steel bowl with handle. The vegetable slicer, that has an ejection function, is equipped with two hoppers. The large hopper is 139 centimetres squared and the cylindrical hopper has a diameter of 58 millimetres. There are optional cutting discs that you can choose from depending on your requirements.

Caterers generally spend a lot time travelling to venues with some of their catering equipment. It’s good to know that the Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo is small enough to travel with. It measures 665 x 380 x 350 millimetres in size so it can easily fit in a van and is easy to carry.

The Robot Coupe Food Processor Combo is a great piece of catering equipment for a busy caterer that caters to large group functions on a regular basis. While you focus on creating those delicious recipes the machine can cut and slice the vegetables for you, thus saving you time and relieving you of the pressure of time.

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