How a Restaurant Can Benefit From Using the Anvil Waffle Baker

Who doesn’t enjoy a good dessert especially a waffle with wonderfully sweet toppings? I’m sure you, just like your customers, have your favourite topping choices, perhaps its ice cream with chocolate sauce or banana with caramel sauce. With this in mind, how can your restaurant benefit from using the Anvil Waffle Baker?

Firstly, it has the strength of the well-known brand behind it. Anvil is known for manufacturing durable catering equipment for the food and restaurant industry. The products are designed with the chef in mind and how to make cooking or baking tasks easier and more efficient. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Anvil Waffle Baker has been designed with all of these traits in mind and it will make waffle baking much easier and quicker.

The Anvil Waffle Baker has two plates which allow you to bake twice as many waffles than if you do it manually. You can load both plates with the batter and bake them simultaneously or one at a time. The plates are 185 millimetres in diameter so you can make relatively large waffles. Due to the plates being a specific size, each waffle you bake every day will be exactly the same size so your customers will know exactly what to expect every time they visit your restaurant.

This unit is relatively light-weight so you could lift and move it around easily. It measures 510 x 465 x 260 millimetres which makes it easy to move. For stability it has four small legs that have a rubber grip so you can be assured that it won’t move while it’s baking. It is also small enough to place on a counter top and will take up little space in the kitchen.

This catering equipment is more powerful than you’d think therefore it is reliable enough to bake a lot of waffles on a regular basis. It has a power output of 1.6 kilowatts and 230 volts therefore it can handle baking one or two waffles at a time. Plus it can do so relatively quickly.

The Anvil Waffle Baker will benefit any restaurant that wants a reliable, powerful, and consistent catering equipment. It will give your restaurant the credibility it deserves. It will also give it a boost by creating a demand. Go ahead and prepare your menu with a variety of specialty waffles to ensure customers come back for more.

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