Seven Tips on Running A Successful Restaurant

The restaurant business is a demanding one and it certainly has its challenges. Here are some tips on how to run a successful restaurant.

· Listen to the Customer.

The customer is always right, yes they are. There is no point arguing this, rather just listen. The customer may give you valuable input when it comes to the quality of your meals. Perhaps you haven’t had a chance to sample the meals over the past month. Well, guess what? Your customers do. So listen to them. This could allow you to fix the problem right away. Perhaps your chef has changed an ingredient or is becoming overwhelmed with the demand and is putting out dishes before they are 100%. This will give you better control over what is happening in your kitchen.

· Budget.

Restaurants deal with small margins so there isn’t much room to make mistakes. Draw up a weekly budget of what food items need to be purchased on a weekly basis, and don’t stock up too much. It will take up space and could become old before it could be used. That would be money, literally, thrown away. Keep an eye on your cash flow and ensure that it is spent wisely.

· Advertise Your Restaurant.

Restaurant owners think that if they build it the customers will come. How? Unless you tell people that it exists no one will come. Advertise your restaurant, whether it’s on billboards, in magazines, or on social media. Tell people about it.

· Give Staff Clear Job Descriptions.

Staff members need to know exactly what their instructions are. They also need to know what is considered acceptable behaviour and what is not acceptable in the restaurant. It they know what is expected of them, this will lead to a smooth functioning restaurant.

· Run Promotions.

Customers love special promotions. They want to feel that they are getting more value for their money, so this will attract them. Offer specials such as a free drink with a meal or a two for one meal deal. Decide on promotions on a monthly or seasonal basis to keep customers intrigued.

· Keep the Menu Interesting.

If you have the same menu for years, customers tend to get bored and venture to other restaurants where they can try something new. Rather have those customers try something new at your restaurant. Perhaps every 6 months to a year, change the menu slightly to introduce new meals. And mix it up a bit.

· Invest in Quality Catering Equipment.

Investing in catering equipment that is reliable and that won’t break down every 5 minutes is a necessity. Find catering equipment that will last for years so that you won’t have to spend precious cash flow on replacing or repairing catering equipment every year.

3 Tips for Renovating Restaurants on a Budget

Renovating a business space where people converge such as a restaurant can be such a big undertaking. For one, there is almost very minimal time with which the restaurant can be closed to do the renovation. As a business entity, it has to stay open to make money. Second, restaurants deal with food and there is nothing that does not mix more than a full-blown construction and food preparation. Combined, it’s the best way to get a headache just from a logistical stand point.

But renovating a restaurant is as important as changing its menu. Patrons don’t just eat with their mouths, but also with their eyes and with what they feel, and giving the restaurant a new look and feel answers that need to feel like they are dining somewhere new. So without further ado, here are some ways to take on this major project, without breaking the bank:

1. Board up like a pro

To prevent a logistical nightmare, take the time to board up the restaurant strategically. Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to close the restaurant altogether for as long as you plan ahead. You can renovate the restaurant in parts and to do this, your contractor should be able to achieve this properly. The board up should be up to the ceiling and should have its own entrance. It’s basically like building an impenetrable fortress inside the restaurant. Nothing should be able to come out or come in the board up. You can decorate the board up façade so it meshes in the interiors of the restaurant as well.

Speaking of contractors, make sure to hire a team with a project manager. Remember, time is of the essence and having a professional work for you solves half of the problem.

2. Look at other restaurants

Instead of shopping for new equipment, look at existing or closed restaurants. These places are surely looking to liquidate their wares including plates, forks, bowls, and other cooking items aside from the stainless steel equipment. The best part is that they will sell this to you in bulk and in a complete set, thus giving you the chance to get an ample discount on what is usually a very expensive shopping expedition if it’s all brand new.

3. Be smart with the fit outs

Although you can go a bit more creative on the furnishings, the best way to save on renovations is by adhering to standard sizes. This helps you plan out the space smarter and you can be sure the equipment will fit, with no need for costly customization. Apply this on the whole restaurant with the help of 3D rendering to make the sizing precise and accurate, including lighting fixtures, restrooms, kitchen, and point of sale areas and you will really see a considerable drop in your budget needs.

Doing so is also very sustainable as it makes the maintenance of the place a complete breeze as you do not need to search far and wide for items to fix your restaurant with.

Fast Food Restaurants

A Fast Food Restaurant can be described as a quick service restaurant QSR. They are a particular sort of eatery and surely understood for fast food and small table service. The food served in these eateries is regularly offered from a restricted menu, and normally cooked and arranged ahead of time, kept hot and when a request is put, it is then prepared to be served. In the event that the food is to be taken away, it will be bundled.

These eateries are all the time part of an eatery network, and the arrangements they utilize are institutionalized fixings and once in a while somewhat arranged food will be provided to them through controlled channels. The first in all likelihood began in the United States. Another variety of this is a providing food van or truck, which has the benefit of versatility.

At the season of composing this article there are around 78 well known eateries, and totalled together they offer just about 5000 menu things, and the number is as yet rising.

These eateries are for the most part situated in towns, urban areas, along major roadways, recreation parks and other simple to get to areas. Huge numbers of these eateries give drive through offices. A drive through office empowers clients to put in a request and after that get it at the client benefit straight without leaving their vehicle.

Some of these eateries give eating ranges where food can be requested and eaten on the premises, and a couple will even take arranges by telephone and convey the food to the required address. Numerous pizza eateries give this conveyance benefit at no additional cost to the client, however a base request must be held fast to.

Fast food is any food that is snappy, helpful and normally reasonable. Fast food can be purchased pretty much anyplace that offers food and snacks. Candy machines, drive through eateries and 24hr accommodation shops are the most well-known spots to acquire fast food.

Fast food is for the most part less expensive on the grounds that it is made with less expensive fixings, for example, refined grains, included sugar and high fat meat. A significant number of these speedy and helpful dinners contain a high measure of sodium which can build the danger of hypertension. Sodium can likewise prompt to develop of liquids in the event of individuals with congestive heart disappointment, cirrhosis or kidney ailment.

Today most fast food chains are reacting to clients remarks by changing their menus to more sound choices, and these can incorporate more products of the soil, and lessening the measure of fat, salt and included sugar a large number of their menu things.

Restaurants: Coping With the High Demand In Summer

The summer holidays are here and we’re all taking time out of whatever we do for a living and are spending much of that time eating out. That means that restaurants will get busy due to the high demand. No time out for the restaurant industry during the summer season. How do you ensure that your restaurant is able to cope with the many customers that are coming its way?

· First of all, prepare your staff. Inform your chef and waiters of what is expected of them. Explain to them what is acceptable behaviour towards customers, show them where all the catering equipment is so that they can assist when they need to, explain the importance of promptness and communication, and inform your staff of the season’s specials so that they can promote it.

· Add a few summer dishes to your menu to spice it up. Decide on a few interesting summer dishes that are exclusive for the summer season. Make them colourful and eye catching to entice customers.

· Keep your restaurant in tip-top shape. Ensure that you have processes and procedures in place to keep your restaurant clean every day. Keep all the cleaning equipment in one section so that everyone knows where to get it. If anything is damaged, ensure that your staff know that it needs to be reported and replace it as soon as possible.

· Keep a stock list and check list of all food items. You need to keep track of all the food items entering and leaving your kitchen. Keep track of the dates it arrived and ensure you check how long it has been in stock. Never serve expired food to your customers. This could be detrimental to your restaurant’s reputation.

· Keep your restaurant cool. Summer days can be very hot and that means that people are trying to escape their homes for the hope of a cooler atmosphere. Ensure that you have air conditioning in place to keep your customers cool while they dine.

· Find catering equipment that makes your kitchen run more efficiently. If you are going to get more customers during the summer, then you need to have catering equipment that speeds up your kitchen’s processes. Food Processors, Ice Machines, Juice Dispensers, and Commercial Dishwashers are great time savers.

Summer is a busy period for restaurants and it is essential that your restaurant is able to handle the demand. If you can succeed at good customer service and great tasting meals this summer, it will ensure returning customers all year long.